Geris Dairy Solutions - Products

Our cheese and butter assortment

Cheese and butter is our specialism. We therefore work closely with carefully selected international producers who operate according to the highest and strictest standards. They personally guarantee the consistent supply of quality cheese and butter, wich enables us to meet your needs. Our cheese assortment consists out of Premium cheese for cut & wrap, Cheese for grating, Cheese for processing and Butter for industrial applications.

Our cheese range:

  • Continental types like Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental, Mozzarella, Tilsit and white soft cheeses.
  • Italian style hard cheeses (Goya, Parmesan etc.).
  • A broad range of Cheddar and cheddar types for various applications.
  • Semi-manufactured products such as Cagliata and Baski.

Our butter range:

  • Lactic butter
  • Sweet cream butter
  • Whey butter
  • Unsalted sweet cream butter
  • AMF (butteroil) in 25 kg cartons
  • AMF (butteroil) in bulk bins.

Our brands Graasland and Melkland:

In order to serve our customers worldwide, we have developed 2 brands; Graasland and Melkland.
With these brands, we supply our international distributors abroad with a full range of Dutch quality cheeses. Available types are Maasdam, Edam and (mature) Gouda. All cheeses are natural ripened.

We supply these cheeses for:

  • Foodservice
  • Retail chains
  • Specialty shops
  • Industries worldwide.

Grated Cheese

Primo grated cheese solutions is a subsidiary, based in Italy, of Geris Dairy Solutions. The company is a manufacturer of both fresh and long-life dried grated cheese. Primo produces high quality dried grated cheese for industrial, food service and retail sector. From our production facility in Monticelli (Italy), we serve customers across Europe and beyond. Quality, know-how and flexibility are the cornerstones of Primo grated cheese solutions.

Its products can be supplied under own brand or private labels.
Options include:

  • Cheese Powder according to specific customer's recipes
  • Tailor-made packaging solutions
  • Production in accordance with international quality standards: BRC & IFS