About us Our story begins in 2009

We make dairy work.

At Geris, we understand that opportunities have urgency. Where the dairy industry evolves rapidly and changes into a more complex - and sometimes even disruptive market place, it is just a few people who really can make things happen. Experts who know you, and exactly what your business needs. That’s us. So let’s talk.

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Our products
Cheese Say cheese!

Within our assortment you’ll find premium commodity cheese products for cutting, wrapping and grating as well as cheeses for processing. For industrial applications we offer a wide range of quality butters. As a team we have built a network that strives for pure excellence, and nothing else. As your wholesale cheese distributor and supplier, we only work with producers of premium quality cheese products that operate according to the highest food standards. At Geris, we handle over 60.000 metric tons of cheese every year, making us a trusted and experienced cheese specialist. 

Our cheese assortment

Butter Smooth as butter

We love it on toast, use it for mashed potatoes or to create the perfect cake or exquisite Hollandaise. Butter is a product that can create all the difference and make true foodies love your product even more. Salted or unsalted, butter will always be a hot commodity. As your wholesale butter supplier and distributor, we can provide you with any type, at the right time in the right place for the right price. Each year we handle over 25.000 metric tons of butter.   

Our butter assortment

Quality Excellence is no coincidence

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude. We make dairy work. For you. We believe in change.

If you want to change the rules, you need to act. At Geris we encourage positive advanced thinking. We use the energy and the guts of our people to change the game. As it appears - boldness - is an undervalued power that not only has genius and power in it, but above all quality.

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Careers We always are searching for talent

Do you have what it takes

Our people are not limited in any way to do just what’s in their job description. Everyone is invited and encouraged to go beyond. A liberating concept where people feel responsible and take ownership, creating new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

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