We make dairy work.

We believe in added value and undeniable quality of dairy products. We produce, buy, sell and move dairy quality products all over the world. Every day again. In time and with great care. With all the required services to make dairy work for you. That’s why we developed a groundbreaking Dairy As A Service concept. A SMART concept that allows us to serve and support our customer/ supplier at any point in their chain of production, distribution or even sales

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About us

Our story begins in 2009. Our world, specifically the world of dairy solutions. a world we know, we grew up in. but we were going to do it differently. with an open and fairtrade policy. making friends instead of enemies. what meant that our word would be - and still is - a promise partners could rely on. always.

Who we are

Our products

We have a strong, consistent and clear focus on cheese and butter. Carefully chosen specialisms that ensure the quality of our dairy products. As a team we have built a network that strives for excellence, and nothing else. We only work with producers that operate according to the highest food standards. It is our expertise, personal dedication and service together with their passion and honest craftsmanship, which enables us to meet every demand and supply.
Within our range, you will find cheeses for slicing and packaging, grating, as well as processing and quality butters for industrial applications.

Cheese Say cheese!
Our cheese assortment
Butter Smooth as butter
Our butter assortment
Quality Excellence is no coincidence

Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude.

To benchmark our performance, we are ifs logistics and ifs broker certified. However, quality can only be achieved if systems and conditions are created in which people are engaged in quality objectives that redefine the standard. Our quality management focuses not only on our products and services, but especially on the means to achieve them. Our team is not only well trained, but also has unlimitedaccess to all  resources and tools to meet any quality standard.

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Be your best self!

Are you working at Geris? Then you get every opportunity to develop yourself. We encourage you to think beyond your job description. To take responsibility and ownership of your own career. So that together we can create new opportunities and you can grow personally and professionally. Sounds good?

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