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Experts in high-quality dairy for the processing industry. It starts with the best products, and the best people who work together with skilled suppliers at home and abroad. Ambitious customers throughout Europe. And our own passionate employees. They add that extra something to our dairy every day. We call this Dairy as a Service (DAAS). Smart logistics solutions and unique service. We make dairy work!

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At Geris you will find an impressive range of cheese and butter from the Netherlands and abroad, for processing within the food industry. Carefully selected by our own dairy experts, according to the highest food standards. Cheese to cut, melt or grate? The best butter? We always have a large selection in stock. AND arrange that one specific cheese or butter you're looking for. Because we don't say 'no'!

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Our story began in 2009. That's when we decided to change the dairy world. To deliver added value by really listening to customers and suppliers and responding to their wishes. With better service, unique opportunities and above all: agreements everyone can trust. Because that is who we are. We do what we say. And say what we do.

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Do you work at Geris? Then you will have every opportunity to develop yourself. We encourage you to think beyond your job description. To take responsibility for your own career. So that together we create new opportunities and you can grow on a personal and professional level. Because our own people? They are our most important asset!

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