Say cheese!

Cheese is the product the world loves and can’t live without

We love it with a good glass of wine, use it for fondue or to create the perfect lasagna, pizza or crème fresh. Cheese is a product that can create all the difference and make true foodies fall in love with your product even more. Dairy cheese is a product the world loves and can’t live without. Together with you we can make our cheese from Holland finds its way to them!

Cagliata Cagliata cheese is a soft cheese with excellent functionality.

A soft texture and a mild, creamy lactic flavour.

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Cheddar The original English Cheddar was founded in the English village Somerset.

Cheddar is one the world’s most famous cheeses and produced all over the world.  

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Edam (40) Another member of the Dutch cheese heritage is Edam.

Originally, Edam cheese is founded in the Dutch city called ‘Edam’, but nowadays Edam cheese is also produced on a large scale in Germany and Eastern Europe.

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Edam (40)
Emmental (45) If you love a mild, nutty and sweet taste, Emmental cheese is a ‘no brainer’.

Emmental is perfectly suitable for slicing and grating purposes and ready meals, lasagnas and pizzas.

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Emmental (45)
Gouda (48) One of the most famous (Dutch) cheese types is Gouda.

With its creamy texture, tasteful aroma’s flavor Gouda cheese is perfectly suitable for slicing, grating and melting applications.

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Gouda (48)
Hard grating cheese True Parmesan cheese has a hard, gritty texture and is fruity and nutty in taste.

To avoid legal issues, most Italian Parmesan cheeses are called hard grating cheeses.

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Hard grating cheese
Maasdam Maasdam has some similarities to Emmental.

Maasdam has a nutty taste and holes on the inside, but the difference in salt, dry matter and flavor makes him unique in its own way.

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Mozzarella Mozzarella is a white, soft and unripened cheese with a relatively high moisture.

 Mozzarella is milky, stretchy, stringy and perfectly suitable for your hot applications like pizza or lasagna.  

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