Dairy as a Service – DAAS

We not only provide the best butter and cheese but also the smart packaging, repackaging, labelling and transportation of your product. We follow the dairy going in and out: checking, tasting, smelling and looking. And deliver within 48 hours, anywhere in Europe. So you can be sure you get what you want. Packaged the way you want, when you want. That's Dairy as Service. Perfectly normal for us. Unique in the dairy industry.


We buy cheese and butter: premium varieties as well as cut and side stream products. And we buy ahead, so suppliers benefit from optimal inventory management.


With our own warehouses in the Netherlands and Italy, 10,000 pallet locations and space for refrigerated and frozen products, we can always purchase and deliver quickly.


We sell high-quality cheese and butter, for industrial applications. Products we stand behind 100%, at fair prices.

Quality control

With a warehouse, laboratory and office in one location, we guarantee quality products. Because we see, taste and check our dairy up close.


Our logistics department takes care of all transportation, using our own trucks and well-trained, reliable drivers. We are on time and keep our appointments.


We organize any additional requirement: from pallet selection to cardboard removal, proprietary packaging or private label.


We clean cheeses and repackage them with our own EC approval number. This allows products to be returned to the processing industry and not go to waste.


We re-package and re-label cleaned dairy products, allowing them to go back into final processing.

Security with derivatives

Volatility is a recurring theme in the dairy industry. Derivatives are an important means of protection against these price fluctuations. The only problem: deploying them can be complex and requires the right knowledge. Geris is at the forefront of the derivatives market and is happy to help clients and suppliers get started, so that together we can achieve the best results.

Our ambassadors Changing the game

Our key to success?

Just do it! And in doing so, we think big. We are changing the dairy market with audacity and vigor. Thinking creatively and daringly: that is what we stand for. What does that look like in practice? Our ambassadors will be happy to tell you.

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