Discover DAAS, Dairy As A Service

At Geris, we know that trust is key. Our added value becomes clear once the customer experiences that we always keep our promises. Whatever the question, if we can serve the customer, we are there for them. The introduction of Dairy As A Service - DAAS for short - opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

With DAAS, we are able to service and support our customer and supplier at any point in their chain of production, distribution or even sales. This is why we have designed our warehouse not as a warehouse, but as a smart time-saving transit location. In addition, we can offer value-added services that no one else in our industry offers. For example, we can (re)pack and clean products, label, deliver on time, (pre)inspect deliveries and change pallet stacks.


Buying cheese and butter. We do this for our customers, but also for our suppliers to help them with decrease.


With 10.000 pallet spaces in our fully IFS-certified warehouse, we can offer flexibility to our customers and suppliers. We are able to store chilled and frozen products in-house. This allows us to deliver quickly from our own warehouse.


Selling cheese and butter for industrial applications.


Products are stored in our warehouse. This allows us to physically guarantee quality and ensure that the product is used for the right application.


We have our own trucks and trained drivers, allowing us to move and deliver quickly. Our logistics department takes care of the entire process from A to Z.


Any additional customer requirements / wishes we can fulfill. Pallet choice, wrapping or your own labels, we can always fulfill them.


Side stream / B-choice products with mould, for example, can be given a better rating in our FSSC22000-certified production area. By cleaning and (re)packaging them, the product can be delivered back to the processing industry. As a result, we add value for the supplier and end processor.


We can repackage and relabel cleaned products. This way, the customers' brand name does not come into negative focus and we have a product that van go back into final processing.

Full circle

When listed, the elements should always be in the same order, which is the logical order of the product.

Certainty with derivatives

Volatility is a recurring theme in the dairy industry. Derivatives are an important means of protection against these price fluctuations. However, using it can be complex and requires the right knowledge. Geris is a leader in the derivatives market and is happy to help customers and suppliers achieve the best results together.

Ambassadors Changing the game

We exceed every standard

At Geris, we understand that opportunities are urgent. Where the dairy industry is rapidly evolving into a more complex - and sometimes even disruptive - market, there are only a few people who can get real innovation done. Experts who understand exactly what your organisation needs, our ambassadors. By always going the extra mile, we make a real difference for our customers and suppliers. How we do that? Our ambassadors will tell you all about it!

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