Geris trades and delivers industrial dairy

About us

Our story begins in 2009 when we thought it was time to change the world. Our world, specifically the world of Dairy Solutions. A world we knew, we grew up in. But we were going to do it differently. With an open and fairtrade policy. Making friends instead of enemies. What meant that our word would be – and still is – a promise partners could rely on. Always.

We opened our first office in Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands – the heart of the smartest region in the world. Our rapid growth however meant that we had to find another – bigger – office soon after we started. Next to that, we were also convinced – and still are – that we could offer clients an even better service when we would have our own warehouse. Taking the hassle out of logistics and uncertainties about stock, but also the quality of products.

So, we moved. To Venlo. Still within the Brainport region, but a little closer to the German border. Opening our own warehouse appeared to be an enormous boost for our business. What implicated that we had to move again if we wanted to service our rapidly growing number of clients as good as our original intentions. This time it was Deurne, where we seriously thought we could settle. A somewhat smaller village, but again nearby important highways to secure our always in time logistic performance.

But history seemed to repeat itself quickly. This time, we decided to search for a location that would allow us to grow. Just a few kilometers from our initial office where it all began in Eindhoven, we created heaven on earth. A brandnew building, with enough square meters to stock all (y)our dairy products, a ‘clean’ room and a deep frozen warehouse to store our butters. Seven loading docks guarantee quick and efficient (un)loading times. Directly above all of this, we created our offices. Our traders for that reason, have a clear view on ‘ground zero’ where everything that is important for you, happens. Supported by professionals within logistics, customs, quality control, finance and administration we make sure that our game changing dairy models offer our clients the best products.

Meet the founder

As the original founder of the company Ziad Geris is still highly involved. In heart a real dairy trader who knows his way around in your world. It’s his believe that everything is possible and ‘no’ is never an answer. Driving the industry, he is evolving their business model every day with a team of highly trained and motivated trading professionals that is aware of your true needs.

We are the new generation of sales and distribution services in the dairy industry