Feel at home in the Office

At Geris we believe that our people make the difference. Employees who passionately challenge the status quo, in order to continuously improve the way we are doing things. It is their dedication that has brought us where we are today.
Our people are not limited in any way to do just what’s in their job description. Everyone is invited and encouraged to go beyond. A liberating concept where people feel responsible and take ownership, creating new opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Serving our clients, we operate as one team. As a family. We care and build on each other’s strengths to ensure the success of our customers and our business.
Driven by our core values we strongly believe in the principle that honest and dedicated people create a difference. We are determined to fulfill not only our own goals and targets, but especially of our clients worldwide.

If you think that you can make a difference at Geris, we happily invite you to contact nedi@geris.nl.

Within our team of young enthusiastic professionals with a high level of entrepreneurial skills we perhaps have a spot for you!