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Our cheese and butter assortment

We have a strong, consistent and clear focus on cheese and butter. Carefully chosen specialism that guarantee the quality of our dairy products. As a team we have built a network that strives for pure excellence, and nothing else. We only work with producers of premium quality products that operate according the highest food standards. It is our expertise, personal dedication and service together with their passion and honest craftsmanship, which enables us to meet your supply and demand needs.

Within our assortment you’ll find premium cheeses for cutting, wrapping and grating as well as cheese for processing. For industrial applications we offer a wide range of quality butters.

Our cheese range

  • Continental cheeses like Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental, Mozzarella, Tilsit and white soft cheeses.
  • Italian hard style cheeses.
  • A broad range of Cheddar and cheddar types for various applications.
  • Semi-manufactured products such as Cagliata and Baski.

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Our butter range

  • Lactic butter
  • Sweet cream butter
  • Whey butter
  • Unsalted sweet cream butter
  • AMF (butteroil) in 25 kg cartons
  • AMF (butteroil) in bulk bins.

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