We trade cheese and butter

Dutch game changers
with an attitude

We trade cheese and butter

Game changing concepts
that’ll change your world

We trade cheese and butter

Changing the rules
Changing the game

It’s time that we meet. Welcome!

We understand that opportunities have urgency. Where the dairy industry evolves rapidly and changes into a more complex - and sometimes even disruptive market place, it is just a few people who really can make things happen. Experts who know you, and exactly what your business needs. That’s us. So let’s talk!

The right product in
the right place at
the right time for
the right price

A trustworthy and customized logistics network that connects everyone!

We accelerate supply and demand in the dairy industry. We buy, sell and move dairy quality products over the world. Every day again. In time and with great care.

In time delivery offers customers convenient stock advantages. Smart logistics, clever warehouse management and a network that connects every dot in time, means that we can guarantee any delivery.

At Geris we understand the importance of trust. Our added value becomes clear as you experience that we indeed always do what we say and deliver on our promises. But it’s not only that; we also make a difference by doing things right the first time.

Our products

We are the new generation of sales and distribution services in the dairy industry.

Meet our team

We like to keep it simple. We accelerate supply and demand in the dairy industry.

About our quality

Do you have what it takes to join our team? Check out our vacancies.

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Competitive prices and reliable logistics

The proof is in eating the pudding. So. we are for example IFS Logistics and IFS Broker certified! The ‘International Featured Standard’ we use as a benchmark for our performance.

Raising the bar every time again, outperforming every standard the world knows. That’s how we change the game and add value to an industry. What starts with clever thinking results in our aim to move faster, making the world smaller and an intensively close relationship with suppliers, traders and customers.

According to IFS Broker and Logistics we have benchmarked and implemented all rules and procedures. We respect product safety rules and live up to the standards of our suppliers with any exception. Guaranteeing traceability of all products.